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For inquiries on availability for performing/gigging, music lessons, collaborations, arranging, guitar repair and more, feel free to mail or email me or use the form below at the bottom of this page to submit your requests! Check the schedule here before inquiring to ensure your space is free. I also ask that you only email with the services I offer at this time as I will not reply to emails for the following:

  • wishing to sell an instrument to myself or my colleagues/clients

  • offering non-requested business guidance to my organizations

  • lessons outside of my lineup (if you are having a hard time finding an instructor of your instrument, I would be happy to point you in the right direction)

  • looking for significant reduction of lesson rates to attain lessons (this is my full-time job. I am looking at options that would allow me to give lessons sponsored by the community, which in turn still allows me to get paid, more info to come)

  • inquiries for free performances from myself or any ensembles I am in (this is a major facet of my job/career and cannot work for absolutely nothing)

Calendar Key


  • Lesson scheduled, closed slot

    • Tb = trombone​

    • Tp = trumpet

    • Bt = baritone

    • G = guitar

    • P = piano

    • B = bass


  • Commuting to a location for lessons or gig, closed slot

Current student count: 32

  • Trombone: 2

  • Trumpet: 2

  • Baritone: 3

  • Guitar: 12

  • Piano: 12

  • Bass: 1

Ensembles will be listed by name of band or concert in slot, closed otherwise

Hayden Lee Woods

Serving Bozeman and the surrounding area since 2018

(406) 600-1568

Apply for Lessons, Quote a Repair and More
Preferred Communication Mode

Thank you for your interest! Be on the lookout for a response soon!!

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