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Welcome to the site of Hayden Woods and Hayden Woods Music Lessons. Here you will find all events related to my music, whether it is in performance, composition or education. Within this website you will find:

  • Latest news on upcoming performances

  • Any new music created/recorded

  • Current schedule of lessons and any open times

  • *NEW* The Business of the Starving Artist: a series on the world of self-employment and the creative arts (found on YouTube and Spotify, linked through the "Media" tab)

  • *COMING SOON* On demand lessons in the areas of trombone, trumpet, baritone, guitar and piano for non-traditional students and for extended reach beyond the Bozeman, Montana area

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!!

-Hayden Woods

Latest Media

Cabin Fever: The Covert Covid Conundrum of 2020 (original composition)
Hayden Woods

Cabin Fever: The Covert Covid Conundrum of 2020 (original composition)

Original trombone sextet (low brass with 5 trombones and a tuba) by Hayden Woods. Available at Sheet Music Plus: Sheet music and MIDI sample copyrights April 9, 2020 by Hayden Woods Help out if you can by tipping to the cause of keeping musicians, composers and all other creatives going in these hard times. Doesn't have to be me but I leave my tip jars out and have many thanks to your considerations: Venmo: @Hayden-Woods-Music PayPal: This piece is the mindset of an individual who, after being sheltered amidst the justified fears of a global pandemic, begins to feel the effects of not being able to actively work or be around others. This causes the individual to hallucinate extremes of the new “normal” that comes after. The tempo of the piece is ranged because the most optimal effect is a bending of tempos (in an agreed upon setting of individual ensembles and their leaders), which also is reflected in dramatic trombone bends. The melody jumps in segments, with each part becoming one of the many voices haunting the crazed individual. The middle of this piece moves into D major, where the individual starts to make sense of the voices and begins escaping the reality they are in. Of course, euphoria comes in waves, so the individual is pulled back into their shelter and has to accept this reality yet another day. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat......
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